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Supanet Reviews & Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it: Find out what our satisfied customers have to say about their move to Supanet internet and line rental.

My neighbour told me about supanet so I switched, mainly to save money - Jonathan

Best fibre internet I have used - highly recommended - Dawn

Very good service, thank you - Mike

When the time came for us to switch providers I shopped arround and found supanet to provide the best value for money combined with UK staff - Julie

I moved to supanet because our old internet company kept letting use down - we get a much better level of service now thanks to supanet - Les

All good, had a great service for years now - Alison

Supanet? Well I think so, we haven't had an problems so far - Pamela

I got to keep my phone number and I paid much less than I did with my old provider. It's a no brainer: switch to Supanet! - Louise

Very quick service, well worth the money! - Rachel

The quality of service offered by Supanet over the many years I have been with them has of a great standard. What few minor problems I've had were dealt with efficiently by their friendly and patient UK-based customer support and technical staff - Natalie

I am glad I moved back to the BT Network and at such good rates. Now I get the service for less money with Supanet. - John

No problems. Excellent service. Thanks Supanet. - Danny

There are loads of offers about moving broadband providers on the internet. I'll save you the long search I went on: switch to Supanet! You'll save a bundle and be surprised at just how good the service is - Sandra

I have been using Supanet's services for over 10 years now. I've stuck with them because they give me exactly what I need. - Dave

Thanks again for a great service. I would recommend you anytime. - Greg

I moved to Supanet years ago primarily because they are on BT network and have call centres in the UK. It is so much easier to solve any issues when the customer support understands what you are talking about. Thanks Supanet. - Nick

I am so pleased I moved to Supanet. The levels of service are so much better than BT's - Maggie