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About Supanet Fibre Broadband

Welcome to Supanet’s corporate information page.

This page provides information about who we are, what we do and how to reach us as well as details of any current job vacancies in our offices.

Supanet is an Internet Service Provider established in 1998, going live with free internet access in March 1999. We are one of the fastest growing ethical ISPs in the UK now, and have registered over a million subscribers to date.

Supanet is proud to promote itself as an ethical ISP. This means we understand our responsibility to provide both our customers and the industry bodies with guidance and support and to comply with regulatory authorities. (see Supanet Values)

In 2010 was acquired by Supatel Limited, a Cypriot company, as part of a European expansion plan to promote and develop the Supanet brand in other EU countries. Supanet has the capacity, links, space and database specialists to deliver a complete e-commerce package for any client.

Peering with IP Tier 1 carriers, Supanet is a partner with the leading providers of telecommunication services internationally and operates multiple POP locations for resilience and redundancy.

In 2010 Supatel entered into an agreement with Tpad to promote VOIP services across its base in return for Tpad to promote Supanet Business products across its customers.